Fisker Patents High-Tech Car Battery That Can Be Fully Charged in 1-Minute and Has a 500-Mile Range - TechEBlog

Sure, it may not do 0-60 in 1.9-seconds, but Fisker's future electric vehicles will have a 500-mile range and can be charged in just 1-minute. #cars #science #technology

This Man Photographed the Famous Windows XP Bliss Wallpaper, and Now Here's His Latest Project - TechEBlog

From the photographer who brought you XP's "Bliss," comes this brand new project, targeted at smartphone users. #photography #microsoft #geek #travel

Artist Transforms Instagram Portraits Into Manga Characters, Becomes Internet Sensation - TechEBlog

This artist takes Instagram portraits to a whole new level. #geek #anime

Don't Pay $90, Get Lumina's 15,000mAh Ultra Compact Power Bank for $22.49 - Today Only - TechEBlog

This power bank is built like a tank and can charge your iPhone X, Galaxy S8, and more, several times over. #deals #gadgets

Procedure That Turns Brown Eyes Blue and 15 More Fascinating Images - TechEBlog

Always wanted blue eyes, and have brown eyes? There's a procedure for that. #science #technology #geek

Stealthy Arch Method 143 Motorcycle was Made by Keanu Reeves' Workshop, Costs $100K - TechEBlog

If you see Keanu Reeves riding this in the next John Wick film, don't be surprised. #motorcycle #luxury #gadgets

Vocktail is World's First Virtual Cocktail That Can Be Used to Enhance Drinks and Even Water - TechEBlog

Why make your own cocktails, when you could use this virtual version? #gadgets #technology

Monstrous Devel Sixty Has 6-Wheels and Turbocharged V8 Engine - TechEBlog

This is not a future moon exploration vehicle, just the monstrous Devel Sixty. #cars #geek

Forget Black Friday, Get TCL's 43S405 43" 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV for $299.99 Shipped - Today Only - TechEBlog

Don't bother with the Black Friday lines, this 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV is perfect for gaming, movies and more. #deals #gadgets

Astronomers Discover First Interstellar Asteroid in Our Solar System, Zips by Earth - TechEBlog

This asteroid came from outside our solar system, from the direction of constellation Lyra. #nasa #science #space

LG V40 Has an 85% Screen to Body Ratio, 6.2" P-OLED Display - TechEBlog

Soon, all future smartphones will have an incredible screen-to-body ratio, like this V40. #gadgets #technology

Forget the Switch, Super Pi Boy is a Portable Game Console That Plays Nintendo Games and More - TechEBlog

Why bother with a bulky Switch, when you could be gaming on a pocket-sized Super Pi Boy? #gadgets #nintendo #geek

Star Trek Borg CubeVR PC Might be the Coolest and Geekiest Yet - TechEBlog

Your eyes aren't playing tricks, this functional PC looks exactly like a Borg Cube. #gadgets #geek #startrek

Perfect for Winter, Get Intex's 85" PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa for $344.99 Shipped - Today Only - TechEBlog

Don't spend thousands, get your very own hot tub for a fraction of that. #deals #gadgets

Japanese Artist Takes Paper and Transforms it Into These Amazingly Detailed Watches, Casio G-Shock Included - TechEBlog

You won't believe all of these watches were handcrafted entirely from paper. #design #geek

Real-Life Pixar "Up" House and 9 More Examples of Homeowners Who Refused to Move - TechEBlog

These homeowners refused to move, and one of them has even been nicknamed the real "Up" house. #geek #travel

Ark Two is an Underground Nuclear Bunker Made from 42 Buses, Here's a Look Inside - TechEBlog

A rare look inside an underground nuclear bunker made from old school buses. #travel #geek

Don't Pay $130, Get Sony's MDRXB650BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones for $72 Shipped - Today Only - TechEBlog

These wireless headphones are prefect for travel or just everyday use. #deals #gadgets

89-Year-Old Grandmother Shoots Crazy Self Portraits, Becomes Internet Sensation - TechEBlog

This photographer didn't let age stop her from becoming an internet star. #photography #geek #funny

KFC Creates "Internet Escape Pod" for Black Friday, Costs $10,000 - TechEBlog

This is apparently the world's only "Internet Escape Pod" and it will cost you $10k. #blackfriday #gadgets

We Have Seen the Future of Robots, and It Includes Google's Backflipping Atlas - TechEBlog

The future of robots includes Google / Boston Dynamics' Atlas, which can easily perform backflips. #robotics #technology

Tesla Design Powerbank Supercharges Your Mobile Devices - TechEBlog

This looks like a supercharger at first, but it's just a powerbank for your #gadgets. #geek #tesla

Print Photos from Your Phone with Fujifilm's INSTAX SHARE SP-2, Get a Bundle for $126.69 Shipped - TechEBlog

If you love instant photos, you'll love the Instax Share SP-2, which lets you print directly from a smartphone, tablet or computer. #deals #gadgets

Apple Touch Bar Computer May be the Mac Mini's Successor, Here's a First Look - TechEBlog

Think of it as a giant Touch Bar that doubles as a functional computer. #gadgets #technology #geek

iPhone S Concept Could Replace the SE Model, Has 4.7" OLED Display - TechEBlog

Could this be one possible design for Apple's iPhone SE successor? #gadgets #iphone #technology

Tesla Semi-Truck Has 500-Mile Range and 4 Independent Electric Motors Producing 1000HP - TechEBlog

There's the new roadster, and then this semi-truck, which is as fast as many sports cars, while hauling 80,000-pounds. #cars #technology #geek

VIZIO SmartCast Crave Go Wireless Speaker Has Integrated Chromecast and Wi-Fi Streaming - TechEBlog

This is the ultimate wireless speaker, complete with app control, Chromecast and WiFi streaming. #gadgets #technology #paid

New Tesla Roadster Officially Unveiled, is Fastest Production Car Yet and Does 0-60 in 1.9s - TechEBlog

Soon, you'll be able to buy the world's fastest production car, and it's all-electric. #tesla #cars #technology

When Back to the Future DeLorean Meets Bladerunner Vehicle, You Get This Hover Car - TechEBlog

Forget flying cars, the "Cardinal" hover car is part DeLorean and part Bladrunner NECA. #cars #gadgets

Apollo Intensa Emozione Gets Tested on the Track, is a Real-Life Batmobile - TechEBlog

Have a few million to spend on a hypercar, and always wanted a Batmobile? This could be for you. #luxury #gadgets #cars

Don't Pay $99, Get Bose SoundSport In-Ear Headphones for $49 Shipped - Today Only - TechEBlog

Forget Black Friday, these Bose in-ear headphones are perfect for active lifestyles. #deals #gadgets

Eiffel Tower and 10 More Photos That Show Famous Landmarks Over Time - TechEBlog

Photographers show how famous landmarks, like The Eiffel Tower, have changed over time. #photography #geek

Volvo's Emergency Braking System Saves a Child's Life, Video Shows How - TechEBlog

This is why all cars in the future should have an emergency braking system. #cars #technology #geek

Adventure Van Looks Like a Normal Mercedes Sprinter, But It's a Mobile Home Fit for a Zombie Apocalypse - TechEBlog

This inconspicuous van is an expedition vehicle in disguise, perfect for the apocalypse. #cars #luxury #gadgets

Skyli Looks Like an Otherworldly Structure at First, But It's Actually a Modern Trekking Cabin - TechEBlog

You won't believe this isn't on another planet, just in the middle of nowhere. #architecture #design

iPhone 11 Gets Rendered, Has Bezel-less OLED Display and No Rear Camera Bump - TechEBlog

We have seen the future of iPhones, and it doesn't have a notch or camera bump. #gadgets #iphone

Anker 20000mAh PowerCore 20100 Portable Charger Fits in Any Bag, Get One for $31.69 Shipped - Today Only - TechEBlog

Charge all your mobile devices on-the-go, with the high-capacity Anker PowerCore 20100. #deals #gadgets

First Floating City Could Pop Up by 2020, Here's a First Look - TechEBlog

Here's a look at what could be the world's first floating city. #travel #luxury #architecture

This is Not a UFO, Just a Highway Patrol Drone Designed to Keep Roads Safer - TechEBlog

This law enforcement vehicle isn't designed to give tickets, just keep roads safer. #drones #technology

Stealthy Honda CB4 Interceptor Concept Motorcycle was Inspired by the TRON Lightcycle - TechEBlog

Think of it as a TRON Lightcycle, but for cruising the streets. #cars #motorcycle #geek

Track 1 Off-Road Tank Skateboard Hybrid and 12 More Fascinating Images - TechEBlog

Think of "Track 1" as an electric tank and skateboard hybrid. #gadgets #technology #geek

Rolls-Royce Exterion is Fully Autonomous, Has Virtual Windows - TechEBlog

This fully autonomous #luxury sedan comes equipped with virtual windows. #cars

Incredible Look at the Miniatures Used to Create the World of Bladerunner 2049 - TechEBlog

Bladerunner 2049 wasn't all about computer-generated imagery, and these pictures prove it. #movies #geek

iPad X Includes Face ID Technology with Front-Facing True Depth Cameras - TechEBlog

An up-close preview of what could possibly be the next-generation iPad. #apple #gadgets #iphone

2019 Corvette ZR1 Officially Unveiled, Boasts 755HP Supercharged V8 - TechEBlog

It's the fastest, most powerful production Corvette yet, and here's a first look. #cars #geek

Google's New SpotMini Robot Moves More Fluidly, Isn't Powered by Artificial Intelligence Yet - TechEBlog

This new four-legged robot from Google's Boston Dynamics is far less creepy than its predecessor. #robotics #technology

Bugatti Chiron 'Number One' gets 1966 Batmobile-Inspired Makeover - TechEBlog

It was the first Bugatti Chiron off the production line. #cars #luxury #gadgets

If Apple Designed a Library, It Would Look Like This Modern Masterpiece in China - TechEBlog

This could be the most Apple-like library in the world, and it holds up to 1.2-million books. #architecture #design #geek