Digital Artist Uses Photoshop to Show What Disney Princesses Would Look Like Today - TechEBlog

If they existed today, this is probably what they'd post on Instagram. #geek #disney

Physicist Creates Real-Life Invisibility Cloak, Calls it the Rochester Cloak - TechEBlog

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Designer Wants Resume to Stand Out, Creates Custom LEGO Mini Figurine - TechEBlog

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Insane 1,150-Horsepower Toyota GT86 Does Crazy Donuts That Can Be Seen from Space - TechEBlog

Crazy 1,000+ horsepower Toyota 86 performs a stunt that can be seen from space. #cars #geek

MIT Researchers Develop Pi Charging, a Truly Contact-less Wireless Charger - TechEBlog

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Kreisel Unveils World's First All-Electric Hummer H1 with Arnold Schwarzenegger - TechEBlog

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Another Look at the CIA's Heart Attack Gun, Which Used an Undetectable Poison - TechEBlog

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Forget Hoverboards, the K01 Electric Scooter Only Has One Wheel and Can Balance Itself - TechEBlog

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This Looks Like a Normal 1979 Porsche 911, But It's Really an All-Electric Machine - TechEBlog

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RAVPower's 26800mAh USB-C PD Power Bank Can Charge Laptops, Get One for $55.99 Shipped - Today Only - TechEBlog

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Nissan's NRV II Concept from 1982 and 12 More Interesting Photos - TechEBlog

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Bizarre "Off" Computer Keyboard Has Rounded Keys and is Spill-Resistant - TechEBlog

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Take a Mercedes Unimog Truck, Turn it Into an Off-Road Home, and You Get the Bimobil EX 435 - TechEBlog

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Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo EVO Officially Unveiled, Has Carbon Fiber Body Kit - TechEBlog

This is a track-ready Huracan straight from the factory. #cars

Forget Mansions, This Malibu Airstream Dream Offers Breathtaking Ocean Views - TechEBlog

This Airstream is unlike any that you have ever seen before. #travel #luxury #geek

iFace Charging Cable Boasts Hidden LED Display That Shows How Much Power Your Device Has - TechEBlog

Finally, a charging cable that shows exactly how much power your device has. #gadgets

Man Takes Flip Flops and Transforms Them Into Action Figures, Bumblebee Included - TechEBlog

They started as normal flip flops, but were transformed into these action figures. #geek #toys

McLaren Ultimate Vision GT is Powered by Twin-Turbo V8 Generating 1,134HP - TechEBlog

What could be faster than a McLaren P1 GTR? The Ultimate Vision GT. #cars #gadgets #geek

In Case of Zombie Apocalypse, You'll Want to Roll in a Winnebago Revel, a Solar Home on Wheels - TechEBlog

Think of it as a solar-powered home on wheels that goes anywhere. #luxury #gadgets #travel

Porsche Officially Unveils GTT 115 Hybrid Superyacht, Costs $16-Million - TechEBlog

Already have a Porsche 918 Spyder and GT2 RS? Then it may be time for the GTT 115. #luxury #gadgets

Video Provides First Look Inside the Airbus Modular Plane Concept - TechEBlog

We have seen the future of aviation, and it includes a modular cabin. #aviation #technology

Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Leek Pocket Knife is Perfect for Everyday Carry, Get One for $29.99 Shipped - Today Only - TechEBlog

In case of zombie apocalypse, or just any emergency, you'll want one of these in your EDC. #deals #gadgets

Amphibious UAV is a Solar Anti-Drowning Drone That Could Save Lives - TechEBlog

This drone could save lives all around the world. #gadgets #technology

DadBag Fanny Pack Might be Strangest Ever, Gives You Instant Dad Bod - TechEBlog

For those looking to get an instant dad bod, this fanny pack is the key. #gadgets #geek

Lennson 3C Looks Like a School Bus, But It's Actually a Luxurious Expedition Vehicle - TechEBlog

This is not a school bus, just a luxurious off-road machine. #cars #gadgets #luxury

Innovative Camera Has No Display, Splits Apart to Let You Manually Frame a Photo - TechEBlog

Why bother with a display, when you can frame photos yourself. #gadgets #geek

Pontiac Firebird TT Gives the Muscle Car a Stealthy Makeover - TechEBlog

Now this is one muscle car you don't want to mess with on the street and strip. #cars

HTC R-Series Smartphone Boasts Bezel-less 6" OLED Display, Dual Selfie Cameras - TechEBlog

If Google acquires HTC, this could be one of their first smartphone releases, after the Pixel 2. #gadgets

Guy Builds Functional LEGO Desert Eagle, Complete with Reloadable Magazines - TechEBlog

It's made entirely from LEGO and even has reloadable magazines. #gadgets #geek

Lamborghini Apis Hypercar Boasts Dual Cockpit Design, Complete with F1 Air Scoop - TechEBlog

If this ever makes production, it could become the craziest Lamborghini yet. #cars #luxury #gadgets

Fully-Customized Dodge Charger Boasts Scissor Doors, Forgiato 24" GTR Wheels - TechEBlog

This is probably the only time you'll see scissor doors on a Dodge Charger. #cars #geek

SagaPlay F1 Self-Balancing Scooter Has Integrated Bluetooth Speaker, Get One for $229 Shipped - Today Only - TechEBlog

If walking or biking just won't do, there's the SagaPlay F1 with an integrated Bluetooth speaker. #deals #gadgets

Kahn Bentley Bentayga Le Mans Edition Has Blacked Out Design, Custom 23" Wheels - TechEBlog

Just when you thought the Bentley Bentayga couldn't get anymore stylish... #luxury #cars #gadgets

GoPro Hero 6 Black Packaging Image Leaked, Will Record 4K Footage at 60FPS - TechEBlog

A first look at the all-new GoPro, set to hit stores next month. #gadgets #geek

Only One Ferrari Tornado Exists in the World, Here's a Rare Look - TechEBlog

You won't believe this is a real Ferrari, and not a kit car. #geek #cars

Don't Pay $89, Get DBPOWER's MJX X400W FPV Drone with WiFi Camera for $69.99 - Today Only - TechEBlog

Before considering a professional drone, you might want to check out the MJX X400W. #deals #gadgets

Hands-On with the $2,500 Lamborghini Alpha One Smartphone - TechEBlog

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Forget Jet Turbines, This Water-Powered Trike Does 0-160MPH in Under 4-Seconds - TechEBlog

It's powered by rainwater and faster than most supercars. #geek #science

Samsung Dex Book is a Laptop with an Integrated Smartphone Dock and Ultra Wide Display - TechEBlog

This device transforms your S8 / S8+ / Galaxy Note 8 into a laptop. #gadgets #samsung

SoundPEATS Q12 Magnetic Bluetooth Headphones are Great for Everyday Use, Get One for $19.99 - Today Only - TechEBlog

For a pair of Bluetooth headphones that can last 8-hours on a single charge, and won't break the bank, look no further than the Q12. #deals #gadgets